Pierce Brodkorb, of the University of Florida, was one of the most influential paleornithologists of the past century, played an integral role in elucidating the phylogeny of archaic birds of the Cretaceous (1963, 1976) and contributed to the debate concerning the origin of birds proper (1971 in Farner & King). Brodkorb's greatest contribution to the science of avian phylogenetics, however, was his two part catalogue of fossil birds, published in the Bulletin of the Florida Academy of Sciences in 1963 and 1964. It remains an immortal tome in the field of paleornithology and was in no small part the inspiration for a similar review carried out by Storrs Olson in 1985. Brodkorb also discovered and named Titanus walleri, in 1963.

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A photo of Pierce Brodkob with members of the Florida Ornithological Society.