Aulacorhynchus prasinus wagleri - Wagler's Emerald Toucanet

Griscom, L. 1937. Auk: 54(2): 192-199.
A Collection of Birds from Omilteme, Guerrero This article catalogs the 490 specimens collected by Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Brown, Jr., in the spring of 1936 and in the vicinity of Omilteme in the Mexican state of Guerrero. With regards A. p. wagleri the text states simply: "Aulacorhynchus prasinus wagleri (Sturm.) — 3 , 1 ♀, Omilteme. While clearly only a subspecies of prasinus, wagleri is more different from the other races of this toucanet than is any one of them from each of the others."

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