You want to raise Collared aracari?

If you want to raise Collared aracari, I’m going to recommend you read a few books.

The first book you ought to read is a book by the Curator of Birds at Riverbanks Zoo, . The book is titled Softbills. It covers a lot of ground: purchasing, housing, nutrition, breeding, records, incubation, rearing, and ailments. Softbills is available from its publisher Hancock House for about twenty-five bucks. The best thing about Softbills is its author; though Martin’s a busy guy, he always manages to graciously respond to e-mail.

The second book you ought to read is one written by of Hill Country Aviaries. The book is titled Parrot Incubation Procedures. The book is well written and easy to read. It covers nearly all you’ll want to know about incubation: the physiology of the egg, artificial incubation, surrogate–natural incubation, candling, weight management, hatching assistance, etc. Too, it includes several very handy forms useful in managing and tracking success. Parrot Incubation is available new and used from a variety of on-line book dealers. If you’ve a question for Rick, he will likely respond to your e-mail; he’s always answered mine.

The third book you ought to read was written by Jack D. Weaver and Tom J. Cade. The book is titled Falcon Propagation and was originally published by This book provides the schematics to re-engineer a Lyon incubator with a Philadelphia Instruments thermometer so that it maintains a temperature more constant than the most expensive incubators. Too, of course, the book explores an avian husbandry almost as challenging as softbill husbandry – falconry. The book is out of print, so hard copies are no longer available. However, The Peregrine Fund does still sell the book in Acrobat pdf form.

The books above are very serious books. They are ideal for anyone aggressive about avian husbandry. If you read them and still have questions, then give me a call, or write.

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